What the hell is Daddy of Five coin and Fupa Coin?

Somebody asked me today about 'Daddy of 5 coin' and the first thought that came in my mind is 'What the hell is Daddy of 5 coin'? It seemed a joke to me, but in the over hyped environment of cryptocurrency, you can never be sure.

Everybody is trying to use the hype to launch their own ICOs and what not. Just this week, bitconnect has gone down (it was a scam) and documents show that it was a ...

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Superset vs Tableau - Comparision of Tableau Open Source Equivalent

Superset is a upcoming open source BI dashboard tool initially developed by Airbnb. During last year and so, it has found a growing adoption among tech community. Tableau is a commercial BI dashboard and visualization tool and it is the market leader of Business Intelligence dashboards with a huge market share.

During last 3-4 years, majority of tech tools used for data analysis and processing ...

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Superset Elasticsearch backend support

During 2017, Superset has made quite a strong impact as a viable data dashboard system and lot n lot of companies have now a working Superset based dashboard to do data analytics on their sql databases.

Lately there have been attempts by people to use Superset as a UI/dashboard for Elasticsearch which is very popular search and analytics software. Many people want to use Superset as an alternative or in addition to default elasticsearch dashboard called Kibana.

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Deep Learning Books (Updated April 2017)

Deep learning, especially Deep Neural Networks have become quite popular during last 2-3 years due to their amazing success in computer vision, speech recognition, and machine translation among others. Here is a list of most useful deep learning books out there as of April 2017

Deep Learning Books

Lot of new optimizations and techniques are getting discovered every month and hence it is ...

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Superset vs Redash vs Metabase - Selecting Right Open Source BI Visualization Dashboard

Data visualization dashboards (aka BI tools) are an essential piece for the success of every data analytics project - whether it is using big data technologies or traditional data warehousing approach. Earlier this space has been populated primarily by paid BI (Business intelligence) tools like Tableau, Micro Strategy etc, but lately lot of open source alternative are arising with noticeable ones...

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Big Data Analytics Visualization and Data Exploration - A Guide

Data Visualization and exploration tasks are important part of steps performed by every data scientist. As they say - there are lot of secrets lying undiscovered in data and one of the first step to go about finding them is to start with exploratory data analysis.

This article looks into some of the tools available for data visualization and exploration.

Big Data Analytics Visualization and ...

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Big Data Analytics Visualization and Dashboards - A Guide

One of the least appreciated task (or should we call it an art) is our ability to explore and visualize our data. In this article, we look into state of art tools for Data Visualization and Dashboards.

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Big Data Hadoop Security - A Comprehensive Guide

Big data has become an inherent part of majority of large organizations due to their core ability to derive critical business insights from large variety of data available to organizations. Technically, big data infrastructure is primarily based on Hadoop and its ecosystem. One of the rising concern among big data and hadoop deployments is lack of clear security architecture across the board.

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Hadoop Version - Understanding Hadoop Versions

Apache Hadoop is the core engine of open source large scale data processing and has seen massive growth during last few years. Most of the big data technologies and systems are based on hadoop and its ecosystem.

This article describe different branches of hadoop releases and their associated latest version along-with core features of different hadoop versions.

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Big Data on Cloud - Overview of top 5 technologies

Cloud and Big data is a deadly combination. Over last few years, big data technologies have seen a tremendous increase in importance and adoption due to rising need to analyze large amount of data.

Big data is now being used in industries across the domains due to its ability to derive useful insights for business that were difficult to achieve earlier. At the same time, cloud has emerged as an ...

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