Superset Elasticsearch backend support

During 2017, Superset has made quite a strong impact as a viable data dashboard system and lot n lot of companies have now a working Superset based dashboard to do data analytics on their sql databases.

Lately there have been attempts by people to use Superset as a UI/dashboard for Elasticsearch which is very popular search and analytics software. Many people want to use Superset as an alternative or in addition to default elasticsearch dashboard called Kibana.

Superset Elasticsearch Support

Superset currently don't officially support elasticsearch as a backend. But some people have been trying to make it work. Here are some options tried by people:

  1. Using SQLAlchemy to query elasticsearch

There has been some attempt to do elasticsearch search queries from sqlalchemy under sqlalchemy-elasticquery project. Some people have tried this as Superset currently integrates with most SQL-speaking RDBMS through SQLAlchemy. But we have not heard about people using it successfully in production. May be worth trying though as an experimentation.

  1. Native support for elasticsearch in Superset

There has been some work on natively supporting elasticsearch in superset, but it has not progressed much due to lack of developers. For latest updates on this approach, please go to Superset pull request 2953