What the hell is Daddy of Five coin and Fupa Coin?

Somebody asked me today about 'Daddy of 5 coin' and the first thought that came in my mind is 'What the hell is Daddy of 5 coin'? It seemed a joke to me, but in the over hyped environment of cryptocurrency, you can never be sure.

Everybody is trying to use the hype to launch their own ICOs and what not. Just this week, bitconnect has gone down (it was a scam) and documents show that it was a ponzi scheme created to make money out of cryptocurrency hype. In simple terms, it was just a MLM (multi level marketing) scheme.

Now back to Daddy of 5 coin... After investigation :), it seems a pun on the popular youtube channel DaddyOfFive. Another popular youtube channel h3h3 has been trying to create their own cryptocurrency on top of ethereum called 'Fupa Coin' and he wants it to beat the Daddy of Five Coin in case Daddy of Five also end up issuing its own coin..

In short, it's just a joke by a youtube channel (h3h3) edging its competitor (Daddy of Five) at this moment. But as said earlier, you never know when Daddy of Five decides to go to ICO route and launch real daddy of 5 coin.

What the hell is all I can say!