Strata Hadoop World NY 2016 - Security Track

Strata Hadoop World NY 2016 has following interestinig talks in its Security sessions

A practitioner’s guide to securing your Hadoop cluster by Michael Yoder and Ben Spivey and Mark Donsky and Mubashir Kazia

Many Hadoop clusters lack even basic security controls. Michael Yoder, Ben Spivey, Mark Donsky, and Mubashir Kazia walk you through securing a Hadoop cluster. You'll start with a cluster with no security and then add security features related to authentication, authorization, encryption of data at rest, encryption of data in transit, and complete data governance.

Account takeovers are taking over: How big data can stop them by Fang Yu

The value of online user accounts has led to a significant increase in account takeover (ATO) attacks. Cyber criminals create armies of compromised accounts to perform attacks including fraudulent transactions, bank withdrawals, reward program theft, and more. Fang Yu explains how the latest in big data technology is helping turn the tide on ATO campaigns.

Streaming cybersecurity into Graph: Accelerating data into Datastax Graph and Blazegraph by Joshua Patterson and Michael Wendt and Keith Kraus

Cybersecurity has become a data problem and thus needs the best-in-breed big data tools. Joshua Patterson, Michael Wendt, and Keith Kraus explain how Accenture Labs's Cybersecurity team is using Apache Kafka, Spark, and Flink to stream data into Blazegraph and Datastax Graph to accelerate cyber defense.

Securing Apache Kafka by Jun Rao

With Apache Kakfa 0.9, the community has introduced a number of features to make data streams secure. Jun Rao explains the motivation for making these changes, discusses the design of Kafka security, and demonstrates how to secure a Kafka cluster. Jun also covers common pitfalls in securing Kafka and talks about ongoing security work.

Authorization in the cloud: Enforcing access control across compute engines by Li Li and Hao Hao

Li Li and Hao Hao elaborate the architecture of Apache Sentry + RecordService for Hadoop in the cloud, which provides unified, fine-grained authorization via role- and attribute-based access control, to encourage attendees to adopt Apache Sentry and RecordService to protect sensitive data on the multitenant cloud across the Hadoop ecosystem.