Strata Hadoop World NY 2016 - Law, ethics, governance Track

Strata Hadoop World NY 2016 has following interestinig talks in its Law, ethics, governance sessions

Big data, big decisions: Key legal considerations for the collection and use of big data by Kristi Wolff and Crystal Skelton

Companies making data-driven decisions must consider critical legal obligations that may apply to the collection and use of data. Failing to do so has landed many tech stars and startups in hot legal water. Attorneys Kristi Wolff and Crystal Skelton discuss privacy, data security, and other legal considerations for using data across several industry types.

Thinking outside the black box: The imperative for accountability and transparency in predictive analytics by Brett Goldstein

How can we usher in a future of data-driven decision making that is characterized by more—not less—accountability and accessibility? Brett Goldstein discusses the imperative to couple new developments in data science with a renewed commitment to transparency and open source—with a particular focus on open source models to optimize deployment of policing resources.

The personalization spectrum by Sara Watson

How are users meant to interpret the influence of big data and personalization in their targeted experiences? What signals do we have to show us how our data is used, how it improves or constrains our experience? Sara Watson explains that in order to develop normative opinions to shape policy and practice, users need means to guide their experience—the personalization spectrum.