Big Data Analytics Interview Questions and Answers from Real Interview

Over last few years, Big data analytics has become an important part of large organizations and businesses moving over to data driven strategies. Along with, there has been a quite an increase in demand of big data analytics professionals and at the start of 2017, big data analytics jobs are some of the best paid jobs in the market.

Big Data Analytics Interview Questions

Big data Analytics interview questions depend on the profile of the user and the job. On a high level, we can divide big data jobs in two broader categories:

  • Big data developer or Data Engineer -- This primarily focuses on development, testing, and operations using big data technologies - mainly hadoop and spark and their variants. Typical skills required are how to use hadoop and spark effectively to achieve large scale data ingestion, data preparation, data engineering, and implement data pipelines including machine learning.

  • Big Data Analyst or Data Scientist -- This primarily focus on data science and machine learning related profiles using technologies like R, SAS, or working directly on top of hadoop and spark.

Data analysts and data scientist work in close collaboration with data engineers.

To successfully ace a big data analytics interview, the candidate should have a broader understanding of role and value of big data analytics in a typical company along with good grasp of detailed technicalities for their chosen profile.